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dinsdag 31 juli 2012

A Dialogue, Study Material KFI Teachers' Gathering 1993, part 1

From the talks and writings of J. Krishnamurti

Parents and Teachers

The right kind of education begins with the educator, who must understand himself and be free from established patterns of thought; for what he is, that he imparts. If he has not been rightly educated, what can he teach except the same mechanical knowledge on which he himself has been brought up? The problem therefore, is not the child, but the parent and the teacher; the problem is to educate the educator. If we who are the educators do not understand ourselves, if we do not understand our relationship with the child but merely stuff him with information and make him pass examinations, how can we possibly bring about a new kind of education? The pupil is there to be guided and helped; but if the guide, the helper is himself confused and narrow, nationalistic and theory-ridden, then naturally his pupil will be what he is, and education becomes a source of further confusion and strife.

If we see the truth of this, we will realize how important it is that we begin to educate ourselves rightly. To be concerned with our own re-education if far more necessary than to worry about the future well-being and security of the child.

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