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donderdag 14 februari 2008

Practice self - awarenes versus learning.

"You cannot practice self-awareness much less measure it, otherwise it will become another ego activity.It has to be done lightly and with joy, not ambitiously.The aim should be learning, not change. Real change is only a by-product of learning, not of effort.The effort to learn is not egoistic but the effort to change is. It is rather subtle."

P. Krishna

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Anoniem zei

Dear joost, nice to meet you on the K network, seeing your blog here; thought can free itself in the present from the bondage of the past, through intense Awareness..

Never letting one thought, or one word pass by without seeing its significance..

In joyous and strenuous Awareness thought frees itself from its limitations; out of self-reliant, comes peace..
i find it also in the K.text collection OJ40T6, I don't know, if you have also seeing something or reading something; from Echart tolle, iam reading his book; A New Earth, in het nederlands; Een niewe Aarde, voor mij is het alsof E Tolle was inspired by krishnamurti? What do you thing?
They have so much in commen?
Vele groeten nog vanuit Oostenrijk Omer.