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woensdag 2 april 2008

Joyous and strenuous awareness, earnestness in your daily life

Most of us are apt to think that cause and effect are cyclic. If it were thus in the past, it must be so in the present, and so in the future. But this is not so, for there is always a continuous change taking place and thus modifying the effect.

Understanding the past influences and limitations, and discerning their effect, thought can transform itself in the present and need not be bound by the past. Thought can free itself in the present from the bondages of the past through intense awareness...

... Blessedness is not in the past or in the future but in the present for those who through joyous awareness understand, and so, are free from the cause of ignorance, which is craving.

If you will seriously reflect upon what I have been saying, then understanding will come out of your own earnestness. Knowledge is utterly valueless if you do not relate it in your own daily life.

If we are worldly, psychologically depending on things for our personal happiness, if our love is possessive and our thought crippled by beliefs and fears, then life becomes an increasing sorrow.

In joyous and strenuous awareness, thought frees itself from its limitations; out of self-reliant, exercised understanding, there comes peace.

K, Ojai, June 30, 1940, T6 of 8 talks, The Collected Works of J.Krishnamurti, part III, p 173-174

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