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dinsdag 24 juli 2007

The Unburdened Mind, part 1

There are many problems.
The house is burning,
not only your particular little place but the house of everyone;
it does not matter where one lives,
in the Communist world or in the world of affluence
or in this poverty-ridden country;
the house is burning.

This is not a theory, not an idea,
not something the expert, the specialist points out.
There are revolts, racial conflicts, immense poverty,
the explosion of population.
There are no limits to cross any more,
either going to the moon,
or in the direction of pleasure.

Organised religions, with their doctrines, beliefs, dogmas and priests,
have completely failed and have no meaning any more.
There is war and peace that the politician is trying to bring about (which) is no peace at all.

Do you see all this? -- not as a theory,
not as something pointed out for you to accept or to reject,
but as something from which you cannot possibly escape,
either by resort to some monastery
or to some past traditional ideation.

The challenge is there for you to answer:
it is your responsibility.
You have to act,
you have to do something entirely different;
and, if possible,
find out if there is a new action,
a new way of looking at the whole phenomenon of existence.


Krishnamurti Foundation Bulletin 17, Spring 1973, p 11
A talk which K gave in New Delhi in November, 1969.

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