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vrijdag 27 juli 2007

The Unburdened Mind, part 5

Now seeing that a problem cannot be solved from the past,
that in no circumstance can one respond fully,
wholly to this immense challenge in terms of the past,
seeing this, the action that emerges is completely new.

Have you understood? Do you see that response?
Or do you only see it intellectually, which means verbally.
If you see it verbally you are seeing it fragmentarily,
and therefore it is not a whole response.
But if you actually see the danger of your conditioning,
of the culture in which you have been brought up,
there is the immediate action of freedom.

Now, the mind --
by the mind we mean
the totality n which there is no fragmentation at all as the intellect,
as the brain, as ambition, as sentiment, but the whole --
such a mind sees the danger of nationalism,
of this absurdity called religion.

It sees that all the so-called religious people

are repeating in terms of the past,
which is the image they have of the Christ,

or of the Buddha or of the Krishna;
it sees that if you act according to the past,
you are not only adding to the confusion, to the misery,
you are utterly degenerating.
Degeneracy comes in only
when you see the danger and do not act.

If yo see the danger, you will act;
and it is only the mind that sees, listens, learns

that is always happy.

Therefore, there is never action but acting, the acitve principle --
there is no division and hence no conflict.
Learning is in movement and that which is in movement is free.

But a mind that has conclusions,

formulas, opinions, judgements, commitments,
such a mind is not a free mind,
when it meets the immense, complex problem of living,
it is incapable of meeting it wholly, completely,

with that feeling of sacredness.

So that is the thing in front of you.
The house is burning

and all your attempts in terms of the past
will not put that fire out.
The putting out of that fire
demands a new quality of mind
and a vital movement of the heart which is completely different.

Love is not pleasure. Love is not desire.
This is the quality which you must have now, not tomorrow;
a quality whcih you cannot possibly practise,
which you cannot possibly cultivate.
That whih you practise, cultivate, becomes mechanical.

Truth is not yours, or mine;
it is in no temple, no church,
it is not in an image,
it is not in a symbol.
It is there for you to see and know.
It is the free mind, the lovely, clear, perceptive mind
that sees and acts.

Krishnamurti Foundation Bulletin 17, Spring 1973, p 14-15 A talk which K gave in New Delhi in November, 1969.

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